CHARITY – Crypto Galaxy Market


As part of our mission at Crypto Galaxy Market we understand the importance of giving back to the community and its impact on society. As such we have launched a new innovative charity strategy which will help charities fund themselves and improve the SHIBA INU community which has helped in India covid relief, shiba inu dog rescue efforts. Let's help two good causes at once.

80% of proceeds will go towards your chosen preferred cause and 20% will go towards the SHIB burn wallet all transactions will be posted for verification on ethrscan. Please reach out to us using the contact form with your time of transaction, wallet address and chosen charity for donation and we will send you a receipt of the transaction. Donations can be made anonymously or under your own name. All charities selected have a high charity score so you can be sure your money is being directed to the causes. 

1. Ontario SPCA (Responsible for animal adoption facilities, medical treatment and rescue efforts) |

2. Toronto Humane Society (animal adoption and treatment facilities) |

3. Sick Kids Hospital (children's hospital funding, medical r&d, treatment and providing hospital care and services to affected kids.) |

4. World Wildlife Fund |

5. Daily Bread food bank |

Accepted cryptocurrencies and designated wallet addresses. Please ensure correct currency is selected and address is copied correctly or use the QR codes for a failsafe mode prior to sending transaction.

BTC 36iKRGkv99M4uTdBriUQE2RqMfvzaYWzqk

ETH 0xCA55943F7aA376Ab84Bb5a88369311912591084c

SHIB 0x1E2B65E9Fd3e2577f752Ee687d1E91055fA3ECd2

BCH qpk5kh02ykc0nnedqetr5vfs7v696x08y5mavwgh47

DOGE DFkj9L6uJsULfR7BmJbwb66uD3kQL661U3

ADA addr1vx9zs70kalnj5a2l8kct4nvv9dfe8k8d3mka4284ps5rsvc52qa7q 

USDC 0xE00538c185E1A978FE591d34Cc3e13cB2aA23e2f

SHIB army, the crypto community and the general public we can collectively make a big impact in both the humans and animals involved with these charities. Thank you for your support!